Meet The Team

Our Team

ScaleTrade’s team consists of engineers and researchers who’ve worked at companies like Boeing, AT&T, Kalshi, and SAP. Our quantitative developer, Conor, has also worked with multi-billion dollar funds and many ex-hedge fund managers. This wide range of experience allows ScaleTrade to produce high-level, complex trading algorithms that incorporate artificial intelligence and technical analysis to maximize profitability.
We spend countless hours developing products that are carefully backtested, statistically significant, and meticulously screened before launching them to our customers for trading. Check out the team below!

Andre - Engineering & Data Science

Andre worked as a software engineer and data scientist in Silicon Valley. One of Andre's favorite projects was building graph convolutional neural networks to enhance metacognition for autonomous flight. He's been building financial algorithms for the past two years and put his own money into them

Conor - Quantitative Developer

After starting his own company, Conor has been contracted by many ex-hedge fund managers and multi-billion dollar financial institutions. He has been developing software for 9+ years with mastery in Java (Oracle Certified Associate), C#, C++, C, and Matlab. Conor also built an HFT (high-frequency trading) engine from scratch, by himself, creating a financial microservices system as part of a massive engine and complex statistical analysis of financial data.

Matthew - Marking & Community

Most commonly known as a finance YouTuber, Matthew also founded The Investor Community, a group of 1,000+ investors being mentored by financial professionals on a weekly basis. By sharing his financial analysis of long-term investments, he grew his YouTube channel from 0-100,000 subscribers in less than a year. Matthew has also worked as a portfolio manager for Hercules Capital specializing in late-stage venture debt.