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Discord Notifications

To reduce the chance of missing a ScaleTrade alert, we recommend the following Discord settings

Best practices for Discord notification settings

Inside the Discord desktop application, click on the server name in the top left to open the dropdown menu. Select Notification settings seen in Figure 1.
Copying the Discord notifications settings selected in Figure 2 will make sure that you're notified whenever you're tagged in a ScaleTrade alert. These settings also enable mobile push notifications, so you can trade on the go. Make sure that your phone's settings allow for mobile push notifications from the Discord app as well.
Figure 1
Figure 2

Enabling notifications & sounds for desktop

You can also enable desktop notifications that slide across the corner of your screen when you're not using the Discord app. Additionally, if something causes you to look away from your screen when an alert is fired, enabling message sounds will send an audible notification to make sure you don't miss any trades.
To toggle these settings click User Settings in the bottom left of the Discord application.
Figure 3
Once inside, scroll to Notifications on the side menu, and make sure to toggle on Enable Desktop Notifications and Message under the Sound section, pictured below.
Figure 4
If you follow all of the steps above, you should have the most optimal Discord settings to prevent yourself from missing any ScaleTrade signals.